Self-employment just got a whole lot better.

Stride gives you resources to solve your business and lifestyle challenges, smart recommendations for insurance plans you actually want, and tax guidance that puts cash in your pocket. See how our products empower your self-employment lifestyle.


Put your tax deductions to work.

Get the deductions you deserve.
We show you the tax deductions you can take (and what you can't). Stride Drive makes it easy to track your mileage and business expenses.

Cut your tax bill in half.
Keep more of your hard earned dollars. Our members have saved over $100 million in taxes by using Stride Drive.

Have a tax expert on call.
Have a tricky tax questions? Our expert advisors provide one-on-one support to tax problems for you.

Understand your forms in snap.
We explain your 1099 forms step by step. At the end of the year, we give you an IRS-ready report to make your tax filing quick and painless.



Health insurance, made smarter.

Keep your wallet fat and happy.
We work with hundreds of insurance companies to give you affordable monthly payments and protect your wallet from unexpected expenses.

Find the best option for you— quickly and easily.
Take the guesswork out of buying health insurance. Our platform uses data science to recommend the best plans for your unique needs and lifestyle.

Straight talk. No jargon.
We cut out the mumbo jumbo to save you time. Our platform and support team translates  technical language, so you can be confident your plan meets your healthcare needs.



Vision and dental plans that are built for independent life.

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