Automatically import your expenses from Stride Tax into H&R Block Self-Employed!

Here at Stride, we’re always trying to help people who work for themselves save time and money.

Earlier this year we partnered with H&R Block to help you save money on tax filing and preparation with a special discount for Stride members: Get $30 off when you file online with H&R Block Self-Employed! Just open the free Stride Tax app and click “Get my tax report” to claim your discount code.

Starting today, our partnership also helps you save time on your taxes. Now when filing online, you can automatically import the expenses you’ve been tracking in Stride Tax into H&R Block Self-Employed! That means you won’t have to enter each expense manually and it will help make sure you maximize your business deductions.

Here’s how it works: as you’re completing H&R Block Self-Employed’s online interview, you’ll be asked to give H&R Block permission to import your Stride Tax expenses. Once you’ve done that, H&R Block will import your expenses, automatically categorize them, and check with you to see if there’s anything that was missed - and that’s it! H&R Block Self-Employed will take care of the rest.

So if you haven’t filed your taxes yet, save yourself some money by using your Stride Tax discount on H&R Block Self-Employed, and save yourself some time by importing your deductions right from Stride Tax.

If you have already filed, that’s ok—start using Stride Tax today to automatically track your daily expenses for next year’s tax return.

Happy Tax Season!

-Sarah Jacobson