Proof of Documentation for Your Qualifying Event

If you need new health insurance outside of the Open Enrollment Period, you’ll need proof of a qualifying life event (i.e. a major change to your lifestyle or household). Most eligible qualifying events cause you to lose your current health coverage. If you experience one of these life changes – and you have proof of loss of coverage of health insurance – you’ll be eligible for a 60-day Special Enrollment Period (SEP) during which you can find new health insurance.

Heads up → Losing health coverage because you missed a monthly premium does not count as a qualifying event.

Proof of Documentation

To enroll for a new health plan during SEP, you’ll need evidence that your qualifying event took place. This usually means providing proof of loss of coverage of health insurance. Be sure that the documentation you provide:

  • Includes an official letterhead, if it’s from a hospital, insurer, or employer

  • Your full name and any covered dependents who are also losing coverage

  • Provides important dates (e.g. when your child was born or when you lost coverage)

Here are examples of eligible documentation for common qualifying events:

proof of loss of coverage health insurance

If you have a qualifying life event and proof of loss of coverage of health insurance, search for a new health plan on Stride. We help you compare all the available options in your zip code, check for subsidized prices, and more. Plus, our team of licensed experts is on call to help you through the Special Enrollment process!

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