Tax guidance, support and filing is now entirely free for Uber driver partners nationwide

At Stride, we’ve helped people who drive with Uber find and use their health insurance for over three years as part of our suite of benefits for independent workers. Since August, tens of thousands of drivers have tracked over $60 million in tax deductions with our app, Stride Tax, to save money and stay compliant at tax time. Tax time is particularly stressful for drivers, many of whom are filing taxes with a 1099 income source for the first time. No tax filing solutions in the market addressed the unique challenges drivers face, let alone other independent workers. At Stride, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a solution and be the ”tax guy” every driver wished they had (plus, we’re a lot more fun to talk to!).

Free Guidance, Free Support, and Free Tax Filing for Uber Driver Partners Nationwide

This tax season, Stride deepened its integration with Uber and partnered with Credit Karma Tax™ to deliver a completely free tax preparation and filing suite to driver partners nationwide. Drivers who start their taxes with Stride this year have access to software and a team of tax experts designed specifically for driver partners to ensure they don’t overpay on their 2016 taxes.

Free Guidance

Drivers can now use Stride to get a consumer-friendly 2016 tax report based on their 1099 income with Uber. Using Uber’s Driver API, and with a driver’s consent, we retrieve an entire year’s worth of trip and payment data for a driver, parse apart the various ways they were paid by Uber (trip payments, incentives, and referral bonuses) and identify deductions like fees and mileage. We then return an easy-to-understand report of what a driver earned, the fees and mileage they can deduct, and what they’ll owe in taxes.

But we also know that fees and mileage are only two of the many things drivers can deduct to save money on their taxes. Using the data we’ve captured from serving thousands of drivers, we help them find other deductions they may have missed that reduce their tax bill even further. We’ve found that on average, we cut a driver’s tax bill by over 50%. When it comes to tax filing, we know that tax software doesn’t always effectively guide drivers to input their income and deductions correctly. We solved this by mapping every major tax filing product, offering custom filing guides for each, tailored to the needs of Uber drivers.

Free Support

Most drivers who attempt to get tax guidance from Uber are often met with a common response: “Talk to a tax expert.” This year, Uber driver partners now have a single place they can go to get answers to their tax questions - Stride is offering drivers 100% free access to our tax experts. We pair that with content we developed to address the most common questions we receive while supporting hundreds of thousands of drivers to date. And we promise we’re more fun to talk to than your average CPA!

Free Filing

Last, to close the loop on a completely free tax preparation and filing experience, we partnered with Credit Karma Tax™. Most drivers spend between $200 and $400 on tax filing with a Schedule C to report their business income. With Credit Karma Tax™, we’re cutting that cost to $0 (and truly, we’ve checked, it’s completely free!).

Free tax support and filing is our newest solution in our growing suite of benefits for independent workers. This is one more step closer to our vision of making independence achievable for Uber driver partners, and the more than 50 million independent workers, nationwide.

Dan leads product and design at Stride.


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