6 simple ways to make extra money while rideshare driving

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When you’re a rideshare driver, you’re probably thinking about ways to maximize your income while driving, especially now around the holidays—not only are people feeling extra generous, but it’s also a good time to earn as much as possible before things slow down a bit in January. So here are 6 simple ways to earn some extra money, from adding tip boxes to selling merchandise.

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1. Add a tip box

Even though passengers can tip in the rideshare apps, many don’t, and a visible tip box is a nice option for people who want to reward your 5-star service. And some boxes add some extra amenities for passengers, like built-in phone chargers.

Basic & inexpensive. This is one of the most basic tip boxes available, and while it does come with a lock to keep your hard-earned tips secure, it doesn’t come with a way to secure it to your car interior—but it’s very affordable. You can make your own sign, maybe with a “Happy Holidays!” theme.

Designed for rideshare tips. This one is less secure than the plastic box, but comes with signage and zip-ties to attach it to your seats.

Comes with charging cables & lock. This one is more expensive than the first two, but comes with a strap to secure it to your seat, a lock to protect your tips, and charging cables for your passengers. It also has a polite message letting passengers know that tips aren’t required, but they are appreciated.

Give a little to get a little. This box was designed by Carlos Cruz, one of the very first Uber drivers in Los Angeles. It comes with a container to offer free candy or other goodies, passenger charger cables, and straps to hook it to your car seat. It’s a little pricey so it may not be for everyone.

2. Add a tip sign

Even if you decide not to use a tip box, a tip sign helps remind passengers that if they’re happy with your service, a tip would be greatly appreciated (along with a 5-star rating).

This one is “Amazon’s Choice”:

Here’s one that comes with stickers so you can customize it with your services and your name

3. Display Products in a Back Seat Organizer

Display products for sale from the back of your car seat—drinks, snacks, and other merchandise. This one even includes a nice little tissue dispenser.

4. Buy and Sell Disposable Phone Chargers

Help your passengers stay charged after you drop them off.

5. Add a vending machine to your car

Cargo is a startup that sends you a car vending machine with snacks FOR FREE. You just pay them when you sell the snacks.

6. Buy and Sell Rain Ponchos

You can buy and sell rain ponchos for those days when a storm comes out of nowhere and catches your passengers unexpected.

So there you have it—6 ways to earn extra money while rideshare driving. Don’t forget to download the FREE Stride app to automatically track your miles, categorize and record your business expenses, and lower your tax bill!

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