3 simple ways to save with Stride

We started Stride with the single goal of helping you keep more of what you earn, starting with health insurance. As you begin thinking about your health insurance options for 2017, we wanted to share our top 3 pro-tips for getting the most affordable (and effective) healthcare this year.

Pro-tip #1: Make sure you’re saving the maximum amount

Government subsidies are the #1 way to make your health insurance attainable and affordable. Yet 31% of independent workers reported not even checking if they were eligible for a subsidy. Don’t miss out! Our customers save an average of $3,000 on their health insurance.

Pro-tip #2: Get the right plan

Everyone’s different, so make sure to get the plan that’s right for you. It’s confusing, and only 21% of people studied could choose the lowest-cost plan based on their usage of health care. We do the work to find a personalized plan recommendation that’s just for you, taking into account your unique needs and budget.

Pro-tip #3: Utilize our health experts

Sometimes you just have questions that require a real human to answer. Our team is ready to be your resource. Hit us up with your simplest or hardest questions - we’re happy to help in any way! By fully understanding your health situation, we’ll get you to the plan that satisfies your lifestyle and your wallet.

We’re here to help. Please reach out to us with any questions by emailing support@stridehealth.com or calling 415-930-9110 (M-F 8am-6pm).

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