Partnering with Airbnb to launch Stride Tax for Rental Hosts

A little over a year ago we partnered with Uber to launch Stride Tax, a mobile app designed to help rideshare drivers track their mileage, find tax deductions, and make filing their taxes a breeze.

While we were thrilled that hundreds of thousands of rideshare drivers started using the app daily to track their expenses, we were excited to see lots of other independent workers - real estate agents, hair stylists, delivery people, consultants, musicians, and designers - saving thousands on their tax bills with us too.

With 3 weeks left to go before Tax Day, we’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Airbnb to launch Stride Tax for Rental Hosts to help hosts with the daily tax deduction guidance and filing support that can save thousands at tax time. Host’s tax bills are often their biggest bills of the year and we’re proud to meet the overwhelming demand for the personalized deduction & filing guidance they need to succeed.

Our new strategic partnership with Airbnb provides comprehensive tax support for its community of hosts in the United States and marks an expansion for us beyond more traditional “gig work” and into the more complex financial needs of the broader freelance & sharing economy. Airbnb hosts will now receive guidance customized to the Airbnb Host experience and low-cost filing through our partnership with H&R Block. Superhosts will be receiving specialized information about additional resources available to them.  

Whether providing a home or an experience to travelers, hosts have a unique set of tax needs that can get a bit complex. Hosts use a combination of their own time and assets — whether it be their home for a lakeside rental, or personal equipment to deliver a world class fly-fishing experience — which means managing the financial impact of blending their personal lives and running a business-of-one. It’s tricky!

Stride’s membership experience provides the tools, content and support to make dealing with these tax issues as painless and simple as possible. We’ll also be providing fully-integrated filing from Stride Tax straight into H&R Block’s new Self-Employed Tax Filing product, Stride’s tax and expense tracking app, and dedicated phone support from our registered tax return preparers.

Are you a rental host? Check out your benefits and download Stride Tax.