New Alex Honnold Short Film – At Home Off The Wall

What's important to Alex Honnold besides dangling from cliffs? In our newest short film, shot at his home in Sacramento, Alex gives us a completely new perspective on his life.

Alex's words about his latest film At Home Off The Wall :

It was kind of nice to talk about the things that surround my climbing - home, relationships, work. In some ways those are the things that matter the most (though obviously I'm mostly focused on just climbing well). Either way, fun to shoot something focused on the other side of life.

Topics in this film include:
- what being home in Sacramento means to Alex
- his relationship with his mom
- his father's death and reflection on the risks of a sedentary life versus adventurous life
- reflections on the death of good friend, Dean Potter
- reflections on his own potential death
- girls versus climbing
- discussion on his plateued career and new training methods
- the writing of his new book Alone On The Wall