Stride Tax for Android is here!

Today, we’re excited to announce that Stride Tax is finally available for Android users. 

Since we launched our iOS app in August 2016, building an Android app has been our top request from users. Some of the requests have been particularly animated:

To Patrick* and the tens of thousands of other rideshare drivers, deliverers, couriers, sales and real estate agents, and all the other Android users on our waiting list - thank you for your patience. The wait is over — no need to riot!

Stride Tax for Android is easy for recording business mileage and capturing expenses. Just like with iOS, it’s 100% free. Drivers have already deducted tens of millions of dollars from their 1099 taxes, and we’re looking forward to helping many more. Now download Tax for Android and cut your tax bill in half.

*Patrick’s real name has been obscured for privacy reasons