Announcing Stride for The Mom Project Community


Today we’re thrilled to announce The Mom Project is partnering with Stride to tackle an incredibly important issue: helping current and aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, and working families obtain quality, affordable health insurance.

Health Insurance Struggles for Independent Workers

As lifetime jobs becomes a relic of the past and more Americans embrace independent and entrepreneurial career pursuits, one of the biggest pain points remaining is finding independent health care coverage. For many of us, employer and health care are as synonymous as mornings and coffee–so what happens when we decouple the two?

The process of transitioning away from employer-backed health care to individual coverage is often fraught with fear of the unknown, and rightfully so–our health is our wealth.

At the Mom Project, our community is asking the question. Every week we hear statements like, “I really want to take the leap to start my own business,” or “I really want to transition out of my rigid 60 hour work week to work on more independent, project-based work,” followed by a question: “BUT, what does this mean for my family’s health care coverage?”

Offering Users A Solution

Today, we’re proud to offer our community a solution to this obstacle by partnering with Stride.

Stride makes the daunting process of finding health care as an entrepreneur simpler, smoother, and a lot more transparent. Stride’s free, streamlined product will help the users on our platform get connected with the right health care plan in less than 10 minutes.

Stride’s process is simple: enter your location, family size, and some basic health care and financial information, and you will instantly receive a recommendation for the plan best suited to your life–and budget. Plus, you can search all the available options in your area, at the lowest rates you qualify for. Stride breaks down each plan’s details into easy-to-understand terms, and makes comparing your options side-by-side a breeze.

The users on our platform aren’t only getting access to health care. With Stride, they can also sign up for dental and vision plans that are designed specifically to meet the needs of independent workers. For the users looking to providing their families with a little extra protection, they can buy life and accident insurance built to promote financial security.

As a mom to two young boys, and as the founder of a startup that connects parents with freelance work, this is a topic I’m invested in solving. I couldn’t be more excited for our partnership with Stride.

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Allison Robinson is the founder and CEO of The Mom Project. The Mom Project is a digital talent marketplace and community that connects professionally accomplished women with world-class companies for rewarding employment opportunities.

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