Announcing Stride for Swing Education Subs

Insurance for Swing Education

We are so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Swing Education, a platform that matches high quality substitute teachers with open jobs at schools, making the process painless for both educators and schools with their user-friendly, technology-forward solution. By partnering with Swing Education, we are going to help their community of over 4,000 subs save time and money on health, dental, vision, life, accident, and disability insurance.

Swing Education’s Community of Educators

Swing Education empowers educators to maximize their impact inside the classroom, while also helping schools operate the best they possibly can. They do this by pairing educators with open substitute teaching assignments at local schools using an online system designed specifically for educators. Swing Education offers opportunities across public, charter, and independent schools.

Swing Education really prioritizes their educators. They cover costs for background checks, TB tests, and sub certificates, all without taking a cut of their pay. Additionally, Swing Education offers extensive text, live chat, email, and phone support. They also allow their educators to set their preferences so they only get the assignments they want. The educators on their platform can make their own schedules, working as much or as little as they’d like to.

Swing Education is continuing to further prioritize their subs by partnering with Stride Health. Together, we are going to help their educators get signed up for insurance and take care of their taxes so they can get back to the important stuff: educating today’s youth!

Health Care—A Confusing, Expensive Problem for Independent Workers

Every year, health care costs continue to rise. In fact, the Kaiser Family Foundation predicts premium prices will increase from anywhere between 7 to 36 percent for 2019. As prices go up, it is even more important that people choose the right plan, find all the subsidies they qualify for, and get enrolled. But it has also never been more confusing. Enrollment deadlines are tight, tons of plans need to be compared, and subsidy qualifications need to be met. It isn’t made any easier with the confusing jargon dominating the health insurance space: What does “metal tier” mean? Why are all the networks listed in confusing acronyms that are hard to remember? Independent workers, like those on Swing Education’s platform, oftentimes face these issues alone. They are left to deal with a difficult application process and usually end up paying more for health insurance than they need to because they aren’t familiar with subsidies. Independent workers end up spending a lot of time trying to navigate the health insurance world, cutting into time that could be better spent earning a living.

This might all seem a overwhelming and a bit depressing, but that is where Stride comes in: we are here to make it easy for people who work for themselves to find health coverage that fits their needs and budget. The subs on Swing Education’s platform will get help finding insurance in minutes. They will answer a few questions, receive a tailored plan recommendation, learn about money-saving subsidies they qualify for, and get enrolled in a plan, all within 10 minutes.

Looking Beyond Health Insurance

Stride isn’t only helping Swing Education’s subs with health insurance. Through Stride, they can also get signed up for dental and vision plans specifically designed for independent workers. However, most independent workers want to go even further and work to protect their financial wellness. For those people, Stride offers life, accident, and disability insurance, as well as an app that helps them track their expenses so they get all the money-saving deductions they deserve at tax time.

As we continue to grow at Stride, the tools we offer independent workers will evolve and we will introduce new ones to address problems they are facing. In the meantime, our award-winning, live-person concierge team is standing by to answer questions, whether it’s about insurance or taxes, so independent workers can get back to doing what they want to be doing.

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