Join the Bald Ballerina's Fight Against Breast Cancer

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Today is World Cancer Day, and to honor it, we’ve teamed up with YouCaring, a free crowdfunding platform that empowers people to help those in need overcome hardships and enjoy happier, healthier lives. Together, we’re celebrating and supporting the beautiful, elegant Maggie Kudirka.

23, smiling, and lovely, Maggie is a ballet dancer with the Joffrey Concert Group in New York City. This past June, she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Even though her diagnosis and treatment has radically changed her world, she’s taken the opportunity to become a powerful advocate for prevention and awareness.

Her impressive Bald Ballerina campaign was established to share her journey and help spread her message that “no one is too young; no one is too fit; no one is immune."

“Based upon risk factors, I should never have gotten breast cancer at age 23, but I did. My genetic test was negative; I am very thin and physically active; I have never used hormonal medications of any type; I don't smoke, drink, or use drugs; I eat a healthy diet. The only risk factor I had for breast cancer was being female.”

Maggie is also a champion of beauty and femininity, upholding the belief that we are all much more than our physical appearance. After chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, she’s learned that we all need to “embrace who we are regardless of how we appear on the outside.”

She certainly embodies her powerful message.

Bald Ballerina 2

“I was never ashamed of losing my hair or my breasts. I knew that inside, I was still the person I had always been – that cancer would never take that away from me.”

Support the Cause!

Maggie is beating cancer one step at a time. Even though there is currently no cure for breast cancer with bone metastases, she can fight it indefinitely with drugs. She's "hoping to find clinical trials of new treatments" that may help her kick the disease once and for all.

Her Bald Ballerina campaign is used in part to raise funds for her rapidly growing medical costs. Even though she’s insured, cancer treatments and drugs are still incredibly expensive--especially since her annual deductible just reset in January.

At Stride, we want to make sure people get access to the care they need. With our partner YouCaring, we’re kicking off a campaign to meet Maggie’s fundraising goal by February 15th. We’re also helping her explore better options for health coverage.

With your help, we can spread this remarkable story about resilience, awareness, and hope. We can help Maggie fight cancer and get back to dancing.

Let’s beat this together. Donate here today.

Photos by Luis Pons Dancewear.