Canceling your old health insurance plan is easy

It makes sense for many of us to switch health insurance plans for 2017. The person you are today might be incredibly different than the person you were a year ago – maybe you had some health issues taken care of in 2016 and you expect a year of smooth sailing. Maybe you had a baby and now you need better protection. Maybe you’re fed up with your premiums increasing!

Since it is Open Enrollment season, now is the time to switch to your perfect plan! You have until December 15th to switch to a new plan that starts January 1.

Alright. So you logged onto Stride, found your perfect plan, and submitted your new application… and you are left wondering - what happens to your old plan? There are a few different scenarios below… find which one best fits you. Remember, you can always contact our support team with any specific questions.

Scenario 1: You are BRAND NEW Stride Health member! This means, 2017 will be your first year with us. First of all: Welcome! You’ve made a fantastic choice. Next, in order to cancel your previous plan, you will want to take a look at your current plan ID cards. There will be a contact number on the back. Call that number and explain you want to cancel your plan effective January 1st **. Your current plan will end at the end of December 2016 and your new plan with us will begin on January 1st. Be sure to ask for a confirmation number to keep track of your records! 

** If you bought your plan via Covered California last year, you'll need to sign into your account and click "Terminate Participation" under "Actions" on the right hand side.

** If you bought your plan via last year, you'll just need to ensure that you provide us with the correct credentials so that we can update your plan choice this year.

Scenario 2: You are a 2016 Stride Health member and you are selecting a different plan within the same health insurance carrier. For example, you previously had a Cigna Silver plan and you’re switching to a Cigna Bronze plan, you still need to call and cancel your old plan. 

Scenario 3: You are a 2016 Stride Health member and you are selecting a plan with a different insurance carrier. Let’s say in 2016 you had a Cigna plan but now you’re switching to Blue Shield. You have a couple options:

Option A – Similar to the brand new members (Scenario 1), you can contact your health insurance company directly to cancel your plan effective January 1.

Option B – You can drop us an email ( with your plan ID #. We will draft a cancellation letter for you, send it to you to electronically sign, and submit it on your behalf. Either way works for us so do whatever is easiest for you!

Changing plans is easy and we are happy to help you out every step of the way. Remember to give our support team a call at 415-930-9110 or send us an email to Happy health insurance shopping, and don’t miss the December 15th deadline to switch plans!