Taking the Pain out of Health Insurance: Our Favorite Member Stories


Let’s face it, dealing with insurance companies can be incredibly stressful and time consuming. Not to mention, finding the perfect health insurance plan that fits your exact needs is a battle in itself. That’s why Stride has an award-winning Concierge Team—a team that’s solely dedicated to help you choose the best plan and support you in getting value out of that plan year-round. Read on to hear some of our team’s favorite stories of Stride Members we’ve been able to help!

Stride Member: Hannah, 33

Location: Boulder, Colorado

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Hannah recently moved to Colorado from Pennsylvania and was looking for an affordable plan while she worked at Postmates. Hannah spoke with one of our team members, Jordan, to shop around for a new plan in Colorado. Hannah wanted a health insurance plan that covered gender reassignment surgery—a major procedure she was hoping to have done before the holidays. After hours of researching and sifting through different carriers’ policies and calling insurance carriers, Jordan was finally able to find the best plan that covered gender reassignment surgery at the best price for Hannah and found her a list of the best surgeons in Colorado that accepted her plan!

Stride Member: Stephen, 30

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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After filing his taxes for the first time as an Uber driver, Stephen received a hefty bill from the IRS stating that he owed a $568 fine for forgoing health coverage during 2016. The catch? Stephen only went one month without health insurance when he quit his job and enrolled in a plan through Stride. Individuals are only subject to the penalty if they go longer than 2 months without coverage. Although he relayed this information to his accountant, his accountant was confident that Stephen was responsible for this fine.

The Stride Concierge Team confirmed he wasn’t responsible for the fine. A member of our team found all the proper tax forms to prove that he was covered to reconcile with the IRS. We connected him directly with the IRS, who confirmed that the fine was indeed an error. Stephen was able to get the fine reversed!

Stride Member: Jessica, 63

Location: San Diego, California

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After hearing about Stride through Etsy, Jessica called us in hopes of finding a plan that would cover her 5 prescriptions and her favorite doctors. Jessica was able to speak with Anna, who walked through some plan options with her. Anna was able to help Jessica calculate her income after her deductions to find her a larger subsidy (that’s money back in Jessica’s pocket every month!). Thanks to Anna, Jessica is now enrolled in a plan that covers her prescriptions for a price that meets her budget!

Stride Member: Laura, 59

Location: Houston, Texas

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Laura is a Stride Member with a very unique story. She lost her employer-based coverage and was looking into health insurance plans after she learned about Stride through Uber. When Laura came to Stride, she only had a medical membership with her doctor, which was a monthly fee that made her visits to her doctor only $10. However, Laura was looking to purchase a qualifying health plan in addition to her membership. Stride recommended Laura an Aetna plan for $58/month, which was in her budget, but it didn’t cover her doctor.

If I didn’t have Stride, I wouldn’t have found this solution, and I certainly wouldn’t have carried medical insurance this year.
— Laura, Stride Member

Laura called Stride and spoke to Megan, who found her a Scott and White plan for $144/month that did cover her doctor. This was out of Laura’s budget. Megan worked with Laura to come up with an even better solution:—get the $58 Aetna coverage to cover the catastrophic events and keep her medical membership with her doctor. This would actually cost less each month than the Scott and White plan for $144/month. Laura was able to walk away with a plan for only $58/month and keep her favorite doctor.

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