Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: How Handstand is helping companies work better, together.


In the midst of Stride's busiest season, we're lucky to hear stories from our members as we help them navigate Open Enrollment over the phone.


One story that stuck out this past season was that of Josh Zipin, the Chief Hustle Officer of Handstand. Handstand was created by a group of friends who loved going on crazy adventures with one another. Now, they create meaningful and memorable experiences for others to do the same by creating team bonding events that encourage collaboration, get people moving, and foster relationships.

They do this by creating custom scavenger hunts around San Francisco, complete with riddles and challenges designed to foster some good-old competition. They also produce a city-wide scavenger called The SF Hunt for the public to enjoy each year.


On March 23rd, Stride took the day off to compete in our very own Handstand-sponsored Scavenger Hunt! Our team split into groups of six, decked head-to-toe in color-based costumes to frolic in the Mission District of San Francisco. The unique riddles and puzzles led us to some of the best places the Mission District had to offer, including Tartine Bakery, Dolores Park, and Dandelion Chocolate.


Two and a half hours and seven miles of running later, Team “Blues Cluez” came out on top, with “Purple Reign” coming in close second.

We wanted to give a very special thanks to Josh and the rest of the Handstand team for organizing such an amazing event. We can’t imagine a better way to bond with our internal team while simultaneously supporting our members!

Interested in doing one of your own scavenger hunts? Handstand’s annual Hunt is taking place on June 2nd. It’ll be a San Francisco-wide scavenger hunt with thousands soon-to-be friends. You can sign up on Handstand’s website here. May the odds be ever in your favor!