Hand-crafted health coverage for Etsy Sellers

For 10 years, Etsy has put its sellers first, always looking for new ways to help them grow a business on their own terms. It’s also the place that my wife, sister and millions of others around the world buy incredibly personalized presents — Etsy has forever changed the celebratory moments in my household.

There are now over 1.5 million sellers on Etsy, and each and every one of them is an individual building a small business. Collectively, they will drive well over $2 billion in sales this year. These artists, designers and curators must develop expertise in a variety of new things as they scale, but they shouldn’t have to become experts in healthcare.

At Stride, we pride ourselves on a creative focus on our product, delivering personalized guidance through the hassles of healthcare. When Etsy approached us early this year looking for new ways to reduce the number of headaches sellers have to grapple with as they manage their businesses, the fit was natural — both teams found common ground in our respective product missions.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Etsy is enabling its sellers to craft their own personal health plans with Stride Health. Etsy sellers nationwide can now access affordable health coverage, year-round care guidance, and the tax compliance they need to thrive.

Our partnership with Etsy gives one of America’s largest online marketplaces a care support suite, ensuring that sellers can protect their health – and their wallets – every single day of the year, without ever breaking a sweat.

From the father in Virginia perfecting the personalized leather camera straps like the one I was given last year, to my sister-in-law who makes dog collars on Etsy in her spare time, sellers will be able to locate the most affordable pharmacies to fill their prescriptions, build personalized care plans to take advantage of free preventative care, and minimize their tax impact with smart plans to invest in health savings accounts (HSAs). We’ll even claim government tax subsidies for sellers to lower their insurance premiums.

As marketplaces like Etsy continue to thrive, so does the need for protecting the individuals fueling these platforms. We’re proud to fill that need, and excited to do it alongside a partner like Etsy. Stay tuned for more stories of how Etsy sellers are leveraging Stride Health to support their success in building a business-of-one.

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