Happy Mother's Day: Celebrating All the Self-Employed Moms

Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing mothers, grandmothers, and other motherly figures in our day-to-day lives! To celebrate, we'd like to take a moment to spotlight an incredible independent worker, Kaylania. Kaylania is a mother who also works as an independent contractor, website developer, photographer, Vlogger, and filmmaker in Orlando, Florida! She has been working for herself on-and-off for several years.

What inspired you to be self-employed?

What inspired me to be self-employed was the flexibility in scheduling and income potential, especially as a single parent.  It has not been easy, but definitely possible when you find the right niche and company to work with.

How has being self-employed made a positive change in your life?


Being self-employed made a positive change in my life by blessing me with a flexible schedule and getting my own place and vehicle.  I am a YouTuber (check out Kaylania’s channel, TheBlessedDriver, and her blog) and explaining to my audience how the gig economy impacted my life helps them strive for the same goals.

What advice would you share with mothers who work for themselves?

Save your money and focus on your responsibilities.  It can be a challenge sometimes when you are the sole bread winner with children. Don't allow negative people to speak into your ear or make you feel inadequate if you choose to work for yourself instead of a 9-5 with a "company."  You are your own boss, and you have children (and yourself) to take care of. Whether you are married or single, take care of YOU.  Don't run yourself into the ground to where you have no energy physically or emotionally to take care of yourself, your kids, spouse, and other responsibilities. Take time out for yourself to regroup and relax. 

Has being self-employed made it easier or harder to balance working and being a mom?

Being self-employed is a mix between the easy and the hard...especially if you are a single parent like myself.  The main concern is of course health insurance, because the cost of what you would pay as someone who is self-employed may be higher than it would if you worked a "regular" job that had benefits.

How do you manage the busy schedule that is being a mom and self-employed?

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Since my son is a teenager, it's a lot easier for me to work around his schedule with after school projects and work because he is old enough to be self-sufficient in most areas. We both help each other. Working in the gig economy, for the most part, is easy. I can create my own schedule and work my own hours on a few of the platforms that I am on. It can be tough at times because the amount of hours or tasks you do are dependent on how much money you want to make.  However, when I do book a photography gig or a web design project, I make out pretty decent since I don't have to leave home much.

What is the best parenting advice you have for working moms?

The best parenting advice I have for working moms is to have faith in YOURSELF. It may sound easier said than done, but not impossible. Don't be so hard on yourself for things that you can't change or could have done better. There is always room for change. Take the time to spend quality time with your kids and don't become a work-a-holic. You can never get that time back once it's gone.  Invest in yourself and your children. Not just with money or things, but with words of affirmation, love, quality time, wise advice, and common sense. Never feel guilty as a mother when you have to sacrifice things that you could have or do just for your children. When you need to take a break, take a break. Balance your time and schedule with what is a priority over what can wait and teach your children the same methods.

How does your son inspire you in your work?

My son inspires me in what I do because I love him so much that I had to change my career and schedule to fit his. I always want him to be better than me. When he sees me work as much as I do, he is appreciative of that. He is very understanding and supportive. I don't work as much as I used to, but when I am out there grinding, I just know that he has a greater purpose in life so I am willing to work hard (within balance) so he can have it.

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