A 2019 Stevie Award for Our Top-Notch Support Team

stevie award 2019

We are excited to announce that our Member Experience team is the winner of a 2019 Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year. The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service are the world’s top honors for customer service professionals, and this is the third time that our dedicated team has ranked at the top of the healthcare industry.

What Makes Stride’s Support Team so special?

In an industry known for slow support, confusing paperwork, and changing regulations, our Member Experience team strives to raise the standard for tax and healthcare support. They go above and beyond answering phone calls (although they do that really well!) to educate, guide, and support the thousands of self-employed workers who turn to Stride for help making critical benefits decisions.

Our Member Experience team stands out in countless ways, but these are the achievements we’re most proud of:

1. They helped us develop the products our members need most.

You’ve probably made a complaint to a company before, only to have a representative say, “Thanks for your feedback, I’ll pass it along.”

At Stride, that actually happens. Our Member Experience specialists, who work one-on-one with our members, are the first to realize where self-employed workers truly need support. They deliver your feedback to the rest of the Stride team, and work with us to develop (and improve) products that make the lives of these workers easier. In the last year, this team has helped us grow our new tax, accident, life, and disability insurance products, as well as our HSA service.

2. They developed amazing educational resources.

Did you know that 96 percent of Americans overestimate their understanding of health insurance? Or that 82 percent consider themselves beginners when it comes to tax knowledge? Our Member Experience team works year-round to empower independent workers with useful and accurate information. They’ve conducted webinars for over 23,000 (!) people, constantly updated our Help Center and FAQ library, and made information easily accessible via backend AI tools across our entire website. Plus, they are steadily translating important content into Spanish.

3. They provided personal support for thousands of you.

In the last year, our membership base has grown over 293 percent. However, this hasn’t slowed down our Member Experience team one bit, which was still able to deliver:

  • An average 2-hour email response time and sub-2-minute wait time for inbound callers

  • In-person health insurance enrollments at over 50 Uber events across the nation

  • Personalized tax guidance for over 9,000 members

And while this team moves fast and far, our health insurance and tax specialists are always willing to take their time to deliver personalized support. We often catch them diligently researching complex questions for our members and staying on the phone after hours.

Our Member Experience team follows strict licensing and training procedures. We rely on them to keep you apprised of legislative changes, as well as to deliver accurate, useful information. At Stride, our award-winning, best-in-class (and possibly superhuman?) specialists are instrumental to our efforts to help self-employed workers stay healthy and save money all year long.

Aly KellerComment