Stride Tax's new look for iPhone!

Stride Tax for iPhone has a new look!

We redesigned the way the app looks to make tracking your mileage and expenses even easier while maintaining the simplicity you love about Stride Tax.

Stride Tax began as a way for independent drivers to save money on taxes by tracking their deductible mileage and expenses. As we continued to deliver more features to meet your diverse set of needs (like job-specific expense categories, bank account integration and benefits), navigating through the app became increasingly complex. We needed a way to continue to add features without ruining the simplicity that we know you all love.

I absolutely LOVE the new layout! The design is awesome, and it’s still easy to use like the previous version.
— Jake A., Stride Member

To solve this problem, we re-designed the navigation to give you one place to go for the most central actions: tracking your mileage and expenses.

The new “+” button is the central place to track mileage and expenses (and more actions to come!). The tax savings tab is now even more focused on the thing you care about most: all the tax deductions you’ve tracked! This number is displayed prominently every time you open the app so you’re able to actively track how much you’re saving.

We hope these updates make tracking your tax deductions even easier. Head over to the App Store to download the latest update and don’t hesitate to reach out ( and let us know what you think!

Happy driving,

The Stride Tax team