Is Stride Tax really free? Yes, it is!

As other mileage and deduction tracking apps switch to paid-use only, Stride Tax remains free and will always stay that way.

Switching to Stride Tax has never been easier

We just released a new feature which makes it really easy to import your past mileage from your own logs or a different app into Stride Tax. Download the app and then follow these instructions here. 

Frequently asked questions

How can Stride Tax be free? 

At Stride, we don’t believe in monthly fees for our services - everything we offer comes at no cost to the consumer. If you choose to also purchase a health insurance plan through Stride Health, the insurance company pays us brokerage commission (but our plans are the same priced plans you would find on These commissions earned from helping members find the best health insurance coverage funds the free services and products we provide to members, like Stride Tax. We will never charge Stride Tax members for use of the app. 

Why switch to Stride Tax from other apps?

We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve put into Stride Tax and strongly believe it’s the best tax tracking app available particularly for the needs of rideshare drivers. We worked closely with a team of drivers as we designed the app to make the experience as simple and as seamless as possible. That’s why automating mileage tracking and banking integrations are core to the app’s features -- Stride Tax does all the work for you so you can earn more and stress less.