Stride Tax is here!

If you’re up to date on the most recent version of your Stride app, you’ve noticed an important change: Stride Drive is now named “Stride Tax”!

In the past year Stride Tax has grown from a mileage tracker to an all-in-one tax solution for anyone who works for themselves - like real estate agents, hairdressers, stand-up comics, artists, pastors, and incredible musicians. Stride Tax has become an app that doesn't just track your mileage--it takes the work out of tax time.

But this is more than just a name change--we’ve built a ton of new features to help make self-employment taxes easier, including:

  • Receipt photo capture, so you can stop keeping your receipts in a shoebox

  • Automatic expense finding - connect your bank account to easily find all your work-related expenses

  • Multiple job-tracking, for people who will need to file multiple Schedule Cs

  • Expanded list of supported professions - we’ve done the research to find you deductions unique to your type of work

Stride is here to help people who work for themselves be more productive and successful. Tackling your own taxes when you’re self-employed--let’s face it--is stressful. We’re investing in Stride Tax so that you can spend your time growing your business, and not sifting through receipts in a shoebox.

Questions? We want to hear them! Email us at