Stride Health turns Two

Thank you for choosing Stride Health to find your 2016 health insurance! Two years ago today we launched in California to simplify benefits for independent workers. In less than two years, we expanded to serve all 50 states and partnered with the largest on-demand economy companies in the world.

We could not have done it without our members, so today I say thank you!

We've been lucky enough to be celebrated by Wired, CNBC, and even the New York Times as bringing a "fresh perspective" to healthcare and enabling flexibility for self-employed Americans.

In one of my proudest achievements, we recently released our first suite of products to help you use your insurance all year round. We're committed to growing to protect you 365 days per year. I always welcome your thoughts, feedback, and requests for what you'd like to see Stride do for you this year.

Stride on, Noah Lang CEO | Stride Health