Track Your Bank Balances and Transactions in the Stride App

Here at Stride, we’re committed to helping people who work for themselves save time and money. That’s why we’re excited to announce that you can now track your bank balance and transactions right in the Stride app. Now you can see your balances, transactions, and business expenses all in one place.

Helping You Save Time and Money

A recent survey by eZonomics revealed that 55 percent of respondents check their bank balance at least once a week, with another 21 percent checking it at least once a day. Sound familiar? If so, then we think you’ll like this nifty new feature.

Android users can now view their checking, savings, and credit account balances all within the Stride app. Just connect your bank accounts (don’t worry, it’s really easy and super secure), and you’re on your way to staying on top of your finances, all in one place.  

  • Get a quick snapshot of your financial health by regularly viewing balances across all linked accounts
  • Keep track of your spending and income across all linked accounts (bye-bye notebooks and spreadsheets!)

  • Easily review transactions and categorize them for deductions in real time (no more trying to remember what a purchase was a week later!)

  • Quickly keep a running tab of your deductions to make tax filing that much easier

Categorize Your Deductions in Real Time

As you probably know, taxes for self-employed professionals can be a little complicated: not only do you need to deal with quarterly taxes, but you also need to track expenses all year round to make sure  you get the deductions you deserve at tax time. Well, this new feature will make that a whole lot easier. No more switching back and forth between a banking or finance app and the Stride app. Now you’ll find a running list of transactions directly below any linked account balances. Additionally, filters allow you to view expenses from a specific time frame. Deductions are then categorized within seconds by making a couple quick taps. By staying on top of deductions, you can reduce your taxable income and save money. You can also receive notifications when the app detects new transactions.

If you’re already using the Stride app, just connect your bank accounts by opening the app and clicking the new “Finance” tab. Then easily and securely connect any bank accounts of your choosing.

Why Use the Stride App?

If you’re not using the Stride app yet, be sure to download the app here. What can you expect?

  • Automatically track your work mileage and other expenses

  • Discover money-saving write-offs

  • View your recent transactions and categorize them daily for deductions

  • Download an IRS-ready tax summary for easy filing

What are you waiting for? Get those bank accounts linked and start saving even more money. Questions? We would love to hear them at

Sydney FrazerComment