Why are there benefits in my mileage tracker app?

“I love Stride Drive!  It’s FREE, super helpful and saves me tons of money! One question though, what’s with the benefits tab?”

We get this question a lot, actually.

At first glance, it might not make sense that we send you reminders to purchase health, dental, and vision insurance and have a benefits tab in Stride Drive, but let us take a minute to explain.

Stride was founded in 2013 as a healthcare company.

Our original mission was to help self-employed people like you access affordable health insurance in 15 minutes or less. We started with a plan recommendation engine that was tailored to your specific needs, a subsidy calculator to ensure you were getting the lowest possible price for your health insurance, and access to our award-winning member experience team. Our customers, which consisted largely of individuals working independently (freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, etc.) loved how we made selecting their health insurance - typically a stressful, time-consuming process - fast and easy. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Since then, we’ve heard you ask for help with other challenges you face working for yourself, many of them related to better managing your taxes and your finances. Most newly self-employed workers need a ton of guidance to learn the ropes of running their own business - it’s confusing stuff! Sometimes you don’t even know what you don’t know!

Our members' needs expanded to more than just healthcare.

We saw this knowledge gap as an opportunity to better serve our members by helping self-employed workers with countless other problems associated with their lifestyle. In the short term, that means building helpful free apps like Stride Drive to make sure you’re not missing tax deductions that can save you money, but in the future the possibilities are endless!

We are focused on connecting you with the tools and resources you need and deserve to thrive.

We are focused on connecting you with the tools and resources you need and deserve to thrive. That means tax support, access to affordable insurance that is typically provided by an employer, financial guidance, and maybe some things we haven’t even thought of yet. We want to help take the uncertainty out of your self-driven career.

We're building this for you, so let us know what you need!

Our members are passionate and engaged, and we absolutely love to listen. We want to hear from you so we can build you things you will use and will be helpful to you. We’re looking for feedback on what other kinds of things you may need help with, so email drive@stridehealth.com with your thoughts and questions! Want to hop on a call and complain to us in detail about your financial spreadsheets? We would love to hear it. #NoSarcasm