Why are there benefits in my mileage tracker app?

“I love Stride Tax!  It’s FREE, super helpful and saves me tons of money! One question though, what’s with the benefits tab?”

 Long story short, we used to be exclusively a health tech company.

Our original mission was to help self-employed people like you access affordable health insurance in 15 minutes or less. Since then, we’ve heard you ask for help with other challenges you face working for yourself, many of them related to better managing your taxes and your finances. So, we got a scrappy team of experts together who built you Stride Tax to help you save money. It’s been a huge success, spreading like wildfire across the gig economy and beyond. Tax savings FTW!

Real talk: we can keep Stride Tax free because we make money off of our insurance sales.

We don’t any make money off of our insurance purchasers (we don’t charge you!), but rather from the insurance companies who pay us a commission on each plan we sell. We use that money to build more awesome free products that save you money and make your life easier! Sweet, right? Really, we just want to support your lifestyle and empower you to take those creative risks with your career you’ve always dreamed of. We figure having a benefits tab isn’t getting in anyone’s way, and hey: You might actually need the benefits we offer. Win win. There are actually some pretty sweet insurance packages; for instance, we designed the dental and vision offerings with insurance companies to specifically fit the needs of self-employed workers. The guy who negotiated them is named Brett, he just got married! Aw.

We want to help take the uncertainty out of your self-driven career.

Anyway, as a tech company focusing on improving the lives of independent workers, we are passionate about building the tools and resources you need and deserve to thrive and keeping them affordable for the masses. That means building solutions for tax support, access to affordable insurance that is typically provided by an employer, financial guidance, and maybe some things we haven’t even thought of yet. We want to help take the uncertainty out of your self-driven career.

We're building this for you, so let us know what you need!

Our members are passionate and engaged, and we absolutely love to listen. We want to hear from you so we can build you things you will use and will be helpful to you. We’re looking for feedback on what other kinds of things you may need help with, so email taxhelp@stridehealth.com with your thoughts and questions! Wanna hop on a call and complain to us in detail about your financial spreadsheets? We would love to hear it. #NoSarcasm