1099 Weekly: If you found $3000 cash, would you return it?

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Uber-sized news coming from camp Uber the past few days, as they sold Uber China to their biggest rival, Didi. Obamacare’s biggest rival, the media, has called for its failure as premiums rise and insurers retreat. Yet, a new study shows that premiums would be much higher without the Obamacare. Looking beyond health insurance, we’re thankful Senator Warner keeps pushing for portable benefit testing in the 1099 economy. Someday, those portable benefits may even include help with student loans, as large companies test new ways to attract recent grads. And finally, if you found $3000 cash in your Uber, would you return it? Read on for the good news. 

Rideshare Shakeup

Uber and Didi call a truce in China with a $35 billion deal  (3 min)
Kara Swisher, Recode
Uber finally quits the rideshare fight with Chinese rival, Didi. Uber will own a 20% stake in a larger Didi that gobbled up Uber China. 

What does Uber's China deal mean for Lyft? (4 min)
Ari Levy, CNBC
Will Uber focus more on U.S. competition with Lyft without the distraction of China? 

The Beat on Benefits

Let gig workers take benefits with them, Sen. Mark Warner says (3 min)
Roy Maurer, SHRM
About 35 percent of the American workforce reports some kind of contingent job status. Sen. Warner advocates for benefits experimentation at the local level – benefits that would attach to the worker, not the employer.

The truth about healthcare premiums: they'd be a lot higher without Obamacare (4 min)
Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times
Really? A new study found that rates dropped so dramatically when the Obamacare exchanges launched in 2014, they still haven’t caught up to the pre-ACA trend. 
Are student loan repayment plans the next big employee benefit? (5 min)
Kelly Peeler, Forbes
It may be awhile before we see anything like this in the 1099 economy, but big employers are testing new programs to solve the weighty problem facing recent grads – debt.  

Really Good News

Uber driver returns passenger’s wallet filled with $3K (3 min)
Elyse Wanshel, Washington Post
The driver considered taking the money and running. Then he considered how he’d sleep...

“Uber against hunger” delivers unused food to needy, hits 1000-meal mark (2 min)
Terry Turner, Good News Network
Restaurants, grocery stores, and individuals announce to the app that they have food to donate, and a nearby volunteer picks it up. So far 1,000 meals have been delivered to hungry people in Austin, TX. 

Follow Their Passion

News anchor quits to become a Lyft driver (3 min)
Sara Ashley O'Brien, CNN Money
Fed up with the storytelling constraints as a local news anchor, Anthony Ponce started driving Lyft. The idea: see if he could get everyday Americans to open up their lives. The answer: yes. His new podcast will be called “Backseat Rider.” 

Disgruntled Attorney Turned Organic Farmer (6 min)
Megan Alcalay, Stride Health Blog
After law school and 5 years in the legal industry, Matt pursued the career that all lawyers desire: that of a recovering attorney. He turned in an unlikely new direction – organic farming. He shares the trials and successes of his new life as a farmer. 

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