1099 Weekly: Would you bring your newborn to work?

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This week, we aim to give you a little more insight into how the gig economy is changing education, what can be done about low and inconsistent wages for 1099 workers, and about the latest innovation in workplace benefits – bringing your infant to work. Plus, how one Uber passenger turned a driver’s comment into a fully-funded trip to Rio to watch his son compete in the Olympics.

1099 Economy Happenings

The gig economy is making waves in education (6 min)
Autumn A. Arnett, Education Dive
Virtual school programs are growing at incredible rates. Among the benefits: allowing people with excellent education qualifications opportunities to teach part-time.  

Airbnb raising $850 million, valued at $30B (2 min)
Marco della Cava, USA Today
Airbnb’s latest raise, from undisclosed sources, aims to further help global expansion. 

Why uber might stalk an IPO sooner rather than later (4 min)
Christopher Mims, Wall Street Journal
Cleaning up its losses in China (by selling to Didi) may be the first indicator that Uber is prepping for an IPO. The other: a saturated U.S. rideshare market means the timing could be right. 

Lyft lets riders add stops to a trip (3 min)
Tracy Lien, Los Angeles Times
Itching to share a ride with a friend to two different endpoints? Lyft now makes that easy. 

The Latest on Jobs & Benefits

Company that welcomes babies finds recruiting, loyalty a breeze (4 min)
Lois Collins, Deseret News
Badger health products shattered the typical concepts of child-care leave by welcoming newborns into the office.

What your first seven jobs say about you (5 min)
Maria Lamagna, MarketWatch
More teenagers are volunteering, participating in educational programs, and pursuing activities that help their college resumes, rather than working by the pool or in the local shop.
Former US Labor Secretary says the gig economy can be a “nightmare” (5 min)
Caroline O'Donovan, Buzzfeed
Robert Reich calls gig economy workers the new blue collar working class. And he sees solutions to the associated income equality, through income insurance and portable benefits.  

Really Good News

Uber driver will see his son compete in Rio thanks to passenger (4 min)
Amy La Porte, CNN
Uber driver Ellis Hill mentioned to his passenger that he couldn’t afford a trip to Rio to see his son compete. Within a week, $8,200 was crowd-funded by the good-doing passenger. 

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