Happy National Hairstylist Appreciation Day!


April 30th is National Hairstylist Appreciation Day! On this day, we honor hairstylists across the country who make creative and beautiful hairstyles come to life. To celebrate, we’d like to take a moment to shout-out one of our members who works with Glamsquad. Say hello to Tamika!


Tamika is a 34-year-old hairstylist from Baltimore, Maryland and has been a hair stylist for sixteen years! She remembers  doing hair for fun when she was only nine years old. When she turned thirteen, Tamika began to take on clients, focusing mostly on braids and weaves. By the time she was 24, she’d enrolled in cosmetology school and graduated with honors.

When Tamika was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, she had to put her career on hold.  It was during this time that she realized how important it was to make sure you feel beautiful both inside and out. For Tamika, being a hairstylist wasn’t just a hobby, it was a lifestyle of creativity and artistry.

Now that Tamika’s back to work, she’s able to continue boosting the self-image of her clients and working on what she loves. Her advice to others looking to become a hairstylist? Listen, be patient, and never be late!

A big thank you to Tamika and to all the stylists who dedicate themselves to making sure the rest of us feel beautiful!

You can check out more of Tamika's work on her Facebook and Instagram