Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing mothers, grandmothers, and other motherly figures in our day-to-day lives! To celebrate, we'd like to take a moment to spotlight one of our incredible members, Liz. Liz is a mother who also owns her own CrossFit and yoga gym in Gaithersburg, Maryland!

What inspired you to be self-employed?


I wanted a different environment for myself and freedom from the classic 9-5 workdays. I was looking for more time to spend  with my then-young children during the day, the ability to get outside more often, and to run the kind of CrossFit gym I wished I could find here in Gaithersburg!

How has being self-employed made a positive change in your life?


There are days where my meditation, workout or a yoga class finally get to be a priority. I eat so much better because I can come home and cook for myself.  I’m very independent, and working for myself makes that possible. I get to pick up my kids mid-day. The confidence I have from succeeding in business is a gift! I have truly learned to believe in myself, which is why business #2 is in development!

What advice would you share with mothers to work for themselves?


There are easy days when you have time to be with your kids, visit friends, and still earn a living; there are also harder days where your employees quit, the toilet floods, someone needs a sub, or your son gets sick or needs medical attention. Finding resources like Stride or Fiverr helps so much and gives precious time back in return. Money will ebb and flow, and until you figure out how to get ahead of that, you get to teach your kids how to budget. My kids know they are an important part of my team. You have to go in knowing that it’s going to be a long-term balancing act, and you get to communicate that to your children. My kids are older now and they are resilient, self-reliant and very, very compassionate and understanding. Some days the gym is my third child—but it’s becoming a toddler, and that helps!