What do you get from Stride that you can't get from Healthcare.gov?


If you are thinking about joining Stride, you may have one big question: What exactly do we do? And how is that different than Healthcare.gov?

Simply put, Stride offers the same plans at the same prices as Healthcare.gov (and your state exchanges), but we give you an efficient and effective plan selection experience. Also, once you purchase insurance through Stride, we stick around to help you get the most out of your health plan all year. We've built a suite of products that save you money and get you free care. We ensure you always have a human advocate to talk to when something doesn't make sense or when a health problem arises. Here’s exactly what you can expect from us here at Stride:

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1. Health Insurance Plan Recommendation

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When you create a free account with Stride, we'll aggregate all of the health insurance plans in your zipcode for the 2018 enrollment year and recommend our top health plan choices for you. Our health plan recommendation is based off the information you enter surrounding your preferred doctors, prescriptions, health conditions and income. All our plan recommendation advice adds up to money saved: we save the average customer over $400 per year.


Want to shop around and see how much a doctor's visit or trip to urgent care would cost between two potential health plans? You can use Stride's side-by-side comparison tool to help before you make your selection! We also built an out-of-pocket tool to give you an idea of how much you'd spend each year in addition to your monthly premium payments with any given plan. To top it off, you can see how a plan would cover you under certain health scenarios, like breaking a leg or getting the flu.

2. Doctors & Free Care

We help Stride members find the best doctors in your network, no matter where you are in the country. We're always here to make sure you get the most out of your health insurance plan. Every plan comes with free care, but it’s hard to know exactly what services you should be getting for free—we'll make sure you unlock all the free care available to you. Before you go to the doctor, we’ll build you a plan to utilize care that won’t cost you a dime.

3. Health Concierge Team

Lastly, we designed a customer care team that is fundamentally different from your insurance company’s. We were fed up with our insurance companies being gatekeepers when we needed help. We felt everyone deserved a health care advocate, so we created a team to do exactly that. It’s those crucial moments when you’re in your most vulnerable state that you need an advocate, and we provide that for you. You can call us with any health care question.


For example, we had an engineer who came down with an emergency respiratory issue – we helped him find the best doctor in San Francisco while he waited in the hospital.

We see insurance companies making mistakes time and time again – accidentally dropping coverage or losing paperwork. Our team has gone to battle numerous times to make sure insurance companies enroll people in the right plans. Persistence works.

How do we do all this for free?

Stride is 100% free to you, so how do we do it? When we enroll you in a health plan we take a commission from the insurance company. But this never influences our recommendation – in fact, our recommendation algorithm never considers commissions, so we're always recommending the best plans for your lifestyle. 

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