Estimating Your Dental Costs with Dental Insurance

Dental costs generally depend on several factors when you have dental insurance, including your specific plan, the type of dental care you receive, and whether or not your dentist is in-network. Read on to find out how dental insurance usually covers different levels of care and how to get a pre-treatment estimate.

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Aly KellerComment
Your Guide to California Health Insurance

The California health insurance exchange is called Covered California. This is where eligible people (ie: people who aren't aren’t already covered by Medicaid, an employer, their parents, or Veterans Affairs) can find subsidized ACA plans. Sign up between October 15 and January 15 to ensure you get coverage.

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Sydney Frazer Comments
7 Types of Freelancers Who Need Life Insurance

A lot of people think it’s only elderly and sick people who need life insurance. That isn't true! Life insurance is a smart addition to everyone’s financial portfolio, including freelancers. If you are a freelancer in one of these specific situations, you should especially consider it.

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