1099 Weekly: Is having a side job the new norm?

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As the 1099 economy has become more competitive for workers, finding the right job and making it work is no guarantee. This week’s edition takes a closer look at worker effectiveness in the gig economy. Plus, Obamacare sees more positive press, with leading indicators that it’s inspiring preventative care visits and relieving medical debt. And the future of rideshare – at least as Tesla sees it – is setting the stage for regulatory warfare.

1099 Jobs Jobs Jobs

LinkedIn's top three secrets to getting hired in 2016 (5 min)
Eddie Vivas, Fast Company
In a jobs marketplace that’s shifting at light speed, it’s not who you know or what you studied, it’s these three things that guarantee a successful job hunt.   

Juggling jobs: balancing work in the gig economy (4 min)
Maggie Mertens, Seattle Times
Before taking on the freelance lifestyle or more gig work, it’s crucial to set it up in a way that works for you.

A college degree just might get you a side job (5 min)
Justin Fox, Bloomberg
There is growing evidence that being more educated means you're more likely to do informal, gig work. 

Better Health

Obamacare appears to be making people healthier (4 min)
Margot Sanger-Katz, New York Times
Evidence is starting to show that people are less likely to have medical debt and more likely to see a doctor and get preventative care. 

Obamacare is making mental-health care better for some (5 min)
Vann R. Newkirk II, The Atlantic
A report card of how Obamacare is serving the newly insured with mental health issues.  

Innovative Benefits

S.F. company becomes first in state to offer LGBT fertility benefits (3 min)
Kevin Truong, SF Business Times
Fertility treatments are emotionally and financially costly. Gusto, a human resources company, looks to eliminate the financial hardship for all workers, not just the clinically infertile. 

1099 Company News

Tesla’s best-laid plans will have a challenge in convergence  (7 min)
Richard Hui, Techcrunch
Tesla, focused on integrating driverless cars and ridesharing, faces a harsh regulatory unknown. 

Private chargers, like Airbnb for EVs, emerge to fill need (2 min)
John Beltz Snyder, Auto Blog
Stressing about where to recharge your EV? Plugshare helps you find a neighbor who can help. 

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