1099 Weekly: LinkedIn enters on-demand economy with freelance work platform

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LinkedIn just launched ProFinder, a new way for employers to solicit jobs from the many freelancers using their platform. Explosive growth of freelance/gig professionals (nearly 50% over 5 years) on the LinkedIn platform was a key motivator for this new initiative. And Amazon is firing up the competition for technical help by offering full-time benefits to part-time workers. Here’s the rest of your 1099 roundup for this week.  

Rideshare roundup

Massachusetts becomes the first state to tax Uber and Lyft (2 min)
Andrew J. Hawkins, The Verge
The Massachusetts Governor just signed a law to tax each rideshare trip $.20, with 5 cents to help the taxis pay for “new technologies and advanced service.” 

Uber to launch nation’s first driverless ride-share service in Pittsburgh (3 min)
Andrew Blake, Washington Times
100 autonomous Volvo XC90 sport-utility vehicles will be on the loose in Pittsburgh by August’s end. Until at least 2021, there will still be a set of backup hands behind the wheel.

Lyft says it isn't for sale — here's what that really means (4 min)
Biz Carson, Business Insider
Lyft made big news last week by putting itself up for sale. Or did it? This article takes on all angles of the media frenzy.  

Innovative benefits

How amazon could radically transform the way it treats its workers (3 min)
Madeline Farber, Fortune
Amazon is testing giving away full-time benefits to teams of part-timers. 

Uber to offer drivers retirement plan help (4 min)
Marco della Cava, USA Today
Expanding outside of healthcare and tax-compliance benefits, Uber is piloting retirement planning for its drivers.  

A new gig platform

LinkedIn enters the gig economy with an Upwork competitor (2 min)
Sarah Kessler, Fast Company
LinkedIn just launched ProFinder, a platform where employers can solicit contract jobs from freelancers.  

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