Announcing Stride for House of gigs Users

announcing stride for house of gigs users

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with House of gigs, a platform dedicated to helping independent contractors succeed in the gig economy from the very beginning. By partnering with House of gigs, we are going to help their community of gig economy workers save time and money on health, dental, vision, life, accident, and disability insurance.

House of gigs: The Marketplace for Gig Economy Workers

House of gigs was developed to support workers taking part in the migration towards the gig economy. It is in place to help address a lack of structure and to help build a framework that gig economy workers so desperately need in order to grow their business.

House of gigs was built for workers by workers; gig economy workers are at the heart of the House of gigs mission. All of their offerings are created with gig economy workers in mind. From helping people find the right gig based on location to offering exclusive discounts on financial services, House of gigs is prioritizing entrepreneurs one step at a time. Additionally, the House of gigs platform allows gig economy workers to build a short profile, choose their work preferences, and easily apply to multiple gigs; based on this information, they will also receive work recommendations.

House of gigs is continuing to further prioritize their users by partnering with Stride Health. Together, we are going to help their gig economy workers get signed up for insurance and take care of their taxes so they can get back to the important stuff: growing their business!

Health Care Costs and Confusion Rise Together

Health care costs are on the rise and have been for years. As they continue to go up, picking the right plan has never been more important - or more stressful and confusing. There are deadlines to meet, tons of plans to compare, subsidies to qualify for, and a million confusing terms: What is a metal tier? What’s the difference between copayments and coinsurance? What’s better—an HMO or a PPO? People who work for themselves face complicated application processes and often pay more than they should for health insurance because they aren’t familiar with subsidies that can decrease their costs. More often than not, they’re left with no guidance when it comes to making these important decisions, and that means they’re spending a lot of time trying to figure out health insurance—time that could be better spent on their business.

That’s where Stride comes in: we make it easy for independent workers to find health coverage that fits their needs. To get help finding insurance, House of gigs users will answer a few questions, receive a tailored plan recommendation, find out what money-saving subsidies they are eligible to receive, and get enrolled in coverage, all within 10 minutes.

Going Beyond Health Insurance

Stride won’t only be helping House of gigs users with health insurance. Through Stride, they can easily sign up for dental and vision plans designed specifically for independent workers. However, most independent workers want to go even further and work to protect their financial wellness. For those people, Stride offers life, accident, and disability insurance, as well as an app that helps them track their expenses so they get all the money-saving deductions they deserve at tax time. 

As Stride continues to grow, we will continue to develop and introduce new tools for independent workers. In the meantime, our award-winning, live-person concierge team will be standing by to help these gig economy workers get answers to their questions so they can get back to doing what they want to be doing. 

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